Favorable business climate

Kazakhstan progressively moves in the direction of simplification of the procedures related with business development. As the sign of favorable business climate the international...
Why Kyzylorda
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Uniquely located

Kyzylorda region located in the southern part of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kyzylorda city is administrative center. The region located to the east from the Aral Sea in the lower...
Why Kyzylorda
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Rich natural resources

Kyzylorda region has substantial potential for mineral resources. The most important mineral of the region are hydrocarbon materials, non-ferrous metals (lead and zinc), uranium,...
Why Kyzylorda
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Cheap labor force

Number of employees in January-December 2013 amounted to 149.2 thousand people, which is more than in the same period of previous year for 2.2%. The average monthly nominal wage...
Why Kyzylorda
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