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О регионе
The region is divided into 7 administrative districts and one Kyzylorda city of regional subordination. The Baikonur city with cosmodrome (spaceport) is located inside of region, which is under long-term lease by the Russian Federation. The Russian law and Russian currency are used on the territory of Baikonur.
The total area of ​​the region - 226 000 sq km (4th place in the Republic)
The population of region - 752 144 people
The population of city - 310 000 people
Administrative center - Kyzylorda city
International transit corridor Western Europe - Western China with length of 811 km passes across the region.
Syr Darya river - the length of the river in the region is ​​1000 km. It originates in the Tien Shan mountain (China) and flows into the North Aral Sea. 
North Aral Sea - an area 3300 km², the northern part of the Aral Sea. Located in the region, it receives water from the Syr Darya.
Airport in 30 minutes away from the city.
Railway station - daily sending and receiving hundreds of passengers in all cities of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.
О регионе
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