Cheap labor force

Number of employees in January-December 2013 amounted to 149.2 thousand people, which is more than in the same period of previous year for 2.2%. The average monthly nominal wage per employee in 12 months 2013 amounted to 97 771 tenge or for 4.5% more than the same period of last year.
In large and medium-sized enterprises the number of employees amounted to 129.3 thousand people. Average monthly nominal wage here was 100 658 tenge and in comparison with the previous year increased for 5%. Since the beginning of current year in the region the highest average salary of one employee noted directly in Kyzylorda city – 109 906 tenge, in Baikonur city 96 143 tenge, while the lowest average salary in the Syrdarya district of region – 62 622 tenge.
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